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Okay, I have put together a timeline from everything we know from the songs, manga, novel and anime, the facts, the theories that are proven/disapproved and what we are still unclear and should be relevant to the point it will drive us insane. I used these as reference the most: 

Anything still missing and needed to be added will be considered :)

Everything newly added will be highlighted in bold

Beginning (way before the main plot):

  • In the beginning Azami had no body nor name, she was always in darkness
  • When she had one (not her current one though, she was like a black shadow with red eyes), she learnt things like ‘darkness’, ‘light’, ‘today’, ‘yesterday’, ‘eyes’ and so on
  • Azami was attacked by humans before she had her current body, but didn’t know how to control it
  • She understand snakes
  • Azami started to get the snakes powers and learnt how to use them one by one
  • When she met Tsukihiko, he gave her the name Azami
  • Tsukihiko built the house in the forest
  • Azami fell in love with Tsukihiko and created the Favoring Eyes
  • (Kozakura) Shion was born
  • Azami left and created Kagerou Daze with 10 snakes
  • Returned to find her home was attacked/everyone was gone
  • Tsukihiko died from beating (?)
  • Azami leaves for Kagerou Daze


  • Shion got married and had Kozakura Mary
  • Kozakura Mary was born with the Aligning Eyes/Eye Contact
  • Father died at some point (?)

Around 140 years before the main plot:

August 15th:

  • Kozakura Shion died from using too much of her powers or from being beaten to death. Sacrificed self for Mary to get out of Kagerou Daze
  • Kozakura Mary died from being beaten to death and received the Combining Eyes
  • Azami lost her power to control Kagerou Daze properly and thus it went astray whenever August 15th comes by

10 years before the main plot:

Before August 15th happened:

  • Kano met Ayano in the park

August 15th:

  • Kido Tsubomi died in a fire and received the Concealing Eyes. Her sister died.
  • Seto Kousuke died from drowning in river and received the Spying Eyes. His friend, Hanako the dog, died.
  • Kano Shuuya died by getting stabbed and received the Deceiving Eyes. His mother died.


  • Kido and Kano went to the orphanage Seto was staying in
  • Tateyama Ayaka took in Kido, Seto and Kano
  • Mekakushi-Dan was created by Tateyama Ayano, Kido Tsubomi, Seto Kousuke and Kano Shuuya
  • Kisaragi Momo died from drowning and received the Captivating Eyes. Her father died.*

Three years before the main plot:

August 15th:

  • Tateyama Kenjirou died from landslide and received the Wide-Awake Eye. Tateyama Ayaka died


  • Kenjirou and his snake planned to gather everyone with a snake together and sacrifice their lives to get their snakes to create a monster and reunite with Ayaka
  • Kokonose Haruka and Enomoto Takane are put together in the special class with Kenjirou as their teacher
  • Haruka and Takane made a shooting booth in their School Culture Festival.
  • Kido, Kano, Shintaro and Ayano went to the festival

Two years before the main plot:

Before August 15th:

  • Seto found Mary
  • Ayano found out about Kenjirou’s plan with his snake and told Kano
  • Kano posed as Ayano at while she investigates 
  • The snake used Kenjirou to get many organizations (school, hospital, police) to cooperate
  • The plan was to use Takane and Haruka to get all the snakes into the real world

August 15th:

  • Tateyama Ayano died from jumping off the school roof and received the Favoring Eyes. Kano saw it happen. Ayano’s body didn’t come back into the real world
  • Enomoto Takane died from poisoning, received the Opening Eyes and became Ene
  • Kokonose Hauka died from sickness/shock, received the Awakening Eye and became Konoha
  • Kenjirou and the Wide Awakening Snake’s Plan failed


  • Kenjirou’s snake threatened he will hurt Kano’s family if he doesn’t cooperate now that the plan failed
  • Kenjirou’s snake used the organizations to make Ayano look like she committed suicide and used Kano for the corpse
  • Afterwards, Kano saw Shintaro, who saw him as Ayano, and ended up blaming him for not noticing
  • Shintaro became a shut in after he found out Ayano died
  • Mary joins the Mekakushi-Dan***

One year before the main plot:

  • Ene was sent to/arrived at Shintaro’s computer

Present Plot:

  • Hiryori asked Hibiya to go with him to the city to help him get an autograph in exchange on helping him get a phone


August 14th:

  • Momo joins the Mekakushi-Dan
  • Gang head out to the department store (in Anime Route: Seto joins them)
  • Shintaro goes out with Ene and they head to the department store
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Mekakushi-Dan + Shintaro + Ene stops them
  • Hibiya and Hiyori wanted to go buy headphones at the department store, but terrorist attack


August 15th :

  • The 7 members of the Mekakushi-Dan went to the amusement park
  • Kano (and Kido?) ran into Hibiya and Hiyori as they went to visit Ayaka’s (and Ayano’s?) grave
  • Hibiya and Hiyori saw a black cat and it had red eyes before it ran away. It did not run across the street and cause both of them to die
  • When Konoha appeared with them, Hibiya and Hiyori got into an argument and Hiyori ran onto the road, with Hibiya after her.
  • Amamiya Hibiya died from getting hit by a truck and received the Focusing Eyes. Asahina Hiyori died.
  • Gang found Hibiya and Konoha getting into the ambulance.
  • The gang followed them to the hospital and took them to the base
  • Kido and Shintaro made some theories on Kagerou Daze and what might have happened when the gang got their Eyes
  • Kano attacked Shintaro mentally by pretending to be Momo before turning into Ayano
  • Shintaro had a mental break down
  • ^in -the missing children-, it has been passed off as a dream

August 16th:

With Momo

  • Momo and Hibiya had a fight, including the part where she appeared in front of the kid naked while asking if she could have the salmon phone strap
  • Momo and Hibiya went out and talked about what happened with yesterday’s accident
  • She decided to help him find Hiyori
  • Found out what Hibiya’s Eyes can do and Momo explains it before Hibiya practice on how to control them
  • Kenjirou appears and offered them a ride. Hibiya asked him to take them to the road crossing
  • Hibiya tried to use his powers to find Hiyori, but nothing
  • They head back to the bad and Kido announce the Kagerou Daze mission

With Shintaro

  • Mary told them that she’s more than a hundred years old
  • Shintaro, Konoha, Mary, Kido went to Mary’s house to look for clues on Kagerou Daze and the Eye Abilities
  • They found a diary on it (written by Azami) - on what the snakes does (no details given) and Konoha and Ene’s Eyes are not listed
  • Mary ran away after a fight and while looking, Shintaro fell off a cliff but Konoha saved him, getting injured in the process
  • Shintaro begged for the snake in Konoha to save him after the android protected him from death because they were friends
  • Konoha’s snakes appeared in his stomach and ripped opened his shirt and revived him
  • They hanged out and created some bromance, before they head back to the base
  • When Momo and Hibiya came back, Kido announce the Kagerou Daze mission

With Ene

  • Ene went back to her house and sent an email to someone that is from 2 years ago

With Kano

  • Kano tells Ene everything, and Seto heard, saying he will help him
  • Ene returned to her body and became Takane


August 15th :

  • The 7 members of the Mekakushi-Dan went to the amusement park
  • Gang was found by Kuroha after they left the amusement park
  • Kano, Seto, Kido and Ene were killed by Kuroha
  • Before Kuroha could kill Momo and Shintaro, Shintaro recognized him as Haruka and time was reset

August 14th- 12:32

  • Shintaro had a flashback of him with Ayano, who ask him some questions on Heaven and “Why did you think I died?”,  before waking up later with no memory of what happened with the gang
  • After spilling cola onto Tono the pet rabbit’s rabbit food, he, Momo and Ene went out to buy some
  • They meet Hibiya and Hiyori
  • After Hiyori shooed away Momo’s fans, the four of them went out shopping
  • Momo suggested to Hibiya to go to the park to give Hiyori the gift he bought

August 15th - 00:18

  • Shintaro, Ene and Momo got home
  • Momo tried to call Hiyori to tell Hibiya about the gift mix up (a triceratops) but once she answered, Hiyori was hit by a truck
  • Ene left to house sit while Shintaro and Momo go and look for Hibiya and Hiyori, but Ene went looking for Shintaro after realizing Konoha was at the mall with the terrorist attack
  • Shintaro and Momo split up
  • Shintaro met Kido and Ene, and Kido asked if he had seen Hibiya and Hiyori
  • Momo finds Konoha and Kano with an unconscious Hibiya
  • Momo demands to let him go and she escaped with Hibiya once he woke and used her Eyes to cause a distraction
  • Kano knew she had the Eye Ability and it’s mentioned in ‘Mary’s book’
  • Shintaro and Kido split up and Ene searches where Momo is
  • Momo and Shintaro reunited
  • Ene tried to search for Hiyori but ERROR and can’t
  • Amamiya Hibiya died from getting hit by a truck and received the Focusing Eyes. Asahina Hiyori died
  • Kano and Konoha meets up with Kido
  • Konoha joins the gang
  • Kano suspects Kagerou Daze has something to do with the incident
  • Shintaro, Momo and Ene went home with Hibiya
  • Hibiya has no recollection of what happened

August 15th  - Morning

  • Shintaro, Momo and Ene went to police station to look for Hiyori; no results
  • Kano meets up with them and invites Momo to the gang



*believed to have happened around then based on Kagerou Daze –in a daze- summary

**unsure if this happened before or after Takane and Haruka died
***unsure if it happened on the same day/year


From Lost Time Memory - Route XX

  • Kisaragi Shintaro killed Ene
  • Kisaragi Shintaro died from killing himself and obtained * Eyes; might have been given to Route 1 Shintaro though
  • They never met up with the Mekakushi-Dan

From Outer Science

  • Kuroha kills everyone [minus Shintaro, Ene and Hibiya (?)]
  • Mary resets time


From Lost Time Memory - Route 1

  • Kisaragi Shintaro met everyone in the Mekakushi-Dan
  • Shintaro, Mary, Momo and Kido meet Kuroha
  • Kuroha attempted to shoot himself
  • Kisaragi Shintaro died from saving Kuroha and obtained * Eyes; met Ayano and got her scarf

From Summertime Record

  • Everyone made it past August 15th and went their separate ways

So far from we have gathered:

  • It’s called Kagerou Daze
  • Death and going in with one person (?) is the way in order to get into Kagerou Daze and obtain an eye, not trauma
  • It has to be on August 15th
  • To get out, one must have the Eyes given to them while the other stays trapped in there=died
  • ^So Ayano has an Eye Ability but since she has no one with her, is trapped in Kagerou Daze
  • Won’t remember what happened in Kagerou Daze
  • ^This might be false as Kano (acts like he knows what will happen), Ene (remember her past) and Hibiya (and hinted to remember) seemed to know about it.
  • ^Proven from novel 5 Kano doesn’t remember
  • In order to control your Eyes, they must like them first (theory)
  • Day of Mary’s Death is also Azami’s birthday: August 15th
  • Kido was not molested as a child but was an illegitimate child between her father and his mistress
  • Seto tried to protect his doggy friends when they were drowning
  • Kano was beaten when he was a child by his mum
  • Azami does not seem like the antagonist anymore; she just wanted to help the others even when Kagerou Daze was going out of control after Mary’s Death (?)
  • Kano is not the antagonist, he was threatened to cooperate
  • Azami used 10 snakes to make Kagerou Daze
  • Possible that Shintaro doesn’t have it since everyone else does (Kido, Seto, Kano, Mary, Momo, Ene, Hibiya, Konoha, Ayano, Kenjirou) and might not have gotten the Eyes at the end of LTM
  • ^But according to the Snake Inventory, Shintaro’s Eyes are unnamed
  • Konoha was staying with Hiyori’s sister, aka Tateyama Ayaka; therefore with Kenjirou as well
  • ^But it seems Kenjirou lives somewhere else now
  • Konoha’s Eyes, Awakening Eyes, is the power to that allows the user to shape themselves in their ideal image; but using this ability damages the user’s memory; not the literal key to open Kagerou Daze (?)
  • Hibiya’s Eyes, Focusing Eyes, is the power to perceive objects and details that are far away from an aerial (bird’s eye) view when he sees a person (eg. sees Momo = sees her school) or an object (eg. Kenjirou’s porn magazine = sees Kenjirou; not for rewinding time
  • Hiyori didn’t know about Ayaka; she only met her at Ayaka’s funeral
  • So far it seems that the ‘snakes’ talks to their hosts. Like they talked to Kano (Yobanashi), Seto (Shounen Brave), Ene (a Headphone Actor) and Konoha (in -the children reason-)
  • Ayano talked to Hibiya in Kagerou Daze, encouraging him (-in a daze- and -the children reason-)
  • Mary seems to be the one who can rewind time or controls Kagerou Daze (from here)
  • Ene knew Ayano is in Kagerou Daze
  • Ene, in Headphone Actor 4, used her PC to reply to someone’s email that is from 2 years ago. It might not have been Ayano since she was mentioned in the contents
  • ^They also intended for Shintaro to meet the Mekakushi-Dan
  • kidotsunbomi’s theory is that they purposely made xx Shintaro die and make him the partner for the Shintaro we know in Kagerou Daze
  • But they are not sure why Konoha is there
  • Ene wants to defeat the Wide Eyed snake, Kenjirou’s snake
  • Kido only knows 6 people who obtained the Eyes through Kagerou Daze - herself, Seto, Kano, Momo, Konoha and Hibiya
  • Kano’s Deceiving Eyes deactivates whenever he feels pain, so whenever it gets out of hand, Kido (?) hits him to cancel it
  • Ayano already gave away her scarf to Shintaro in LTM at some point

Unclear facts:

  • Route 1: After Shintaro was shot by Kuroha, did he go back into Kagerou Daze (again)?
  • Route 1: Does Shintaro have those Eyes now in the present plot (dormant) or after Kuroha shoots him and sees Ayano first?
  • Konoha and Kuroha are different people?
  • Takane and Haruka died alone, with each other or someone else?
  • What happened to the Mekakushi-Dan and when did this happen?
  1. Kano’s intention on hurting Shintaro is unclear; is it for revenge for not stopping Ayano’s death, or to activate Shintaro’s Eyes? Or was it all a dream?
  2. Kano knows everything about Kagerou Daze?
  3. Is the Kano we know really Kano?
  4. Kano is the cat in the Kagerou Daze PV?

^Kano does know about Kagerou Daze through Ayano, has been posing as her at school, been threatened to cooperate by Kenjirou’s snake after her death. But later told Shintaro about it in the 5th novel

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